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BARCC’s 2022 Walk for Change will return to in-person on Sunday, April 24! We are excited to be reunited as we come together for a day of healing, hope, and support for survivors and our community.

Additionally, BARCC could use Marketing Cloud to create social media campaigns to promote the event and encourage people to register, volunteer, or donate.

Please register to create or join a team to fundraise to support survivors, BARCC, and the communities we serve. The next step starts with you. Take action with us!

How to talk to them about why you're walking

We encourage “whole family” participation (including your canine companions!) in the annual Virtual Walk for Change. Although the topic—ending sexual violence—is serious, our event is fun and festive.

How to Form a Team

Forming a Team for the Walk for Change

Hundreds of colleges, universities, companies, friends and families, and community groups join the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center’s Walk for Change every year.

Fundraising on Facebook

Overcome your fear of asking

Asking for donations is something that makes most people nervous. So it’s normal to be a little anxious, especially if this is your first time fundraising. Here are some strategies for overcoming your fears.

General tips and tricks

Get the ball rolling! Before you ask anyone to donate to your efforts, consider making a donation to yourself! When people visit your page and see that you have personally made a financial investment in BARCC, they will be more encouraged to do so themselves.

Think about what would be possible if BARCC had more money to help survivors. That’s your inspiration, and it’s surely bigger than your fear. When asking for donations, let your family and friends know why BARCC matters to you—that’s what they care about most!

People are going to say “no,” for many reasons. It has nothing to do with how they feel about you or your relationship. And no one is going to think any less of you for asking for a donation to an important cause.

It will get easier. Start with your close contacts, because they are the most likely to donate and say “YES!” Try sending some quick personal messages to your inner circle to build up some momentum

Each year the Walk for Change route is decorated with inspirational signage to encourage walkers along the route. The signs are made by our dedicated supporters and Walk Committee members. You can host an Art for BARCC event at your school to recruit participants and create signage for your walkers to carry along the route.

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